CUPSO Members Gather for 2018 Annual Conference

UGA hosts conference for national leaders in government training


By Roger Nielsen, Public Relations Coordinator, Carl Vinson Institute of Government, University of Georgia


Small in numbers but mighty in purpose, university service organizations that provide training and resources to local and state government officials gathered in mid-April at the University of Georgia for an annual conference.


About 75 public service directors and faculty, representing about three dozen universities from across the country, attended the 2018 Consortium of University Public Service Organizations, hosted by the Carl Vinson Institute of Government at UGA.


“We feel honored to bring together our fellow university-based public service and outreach leaders from across the country to UGA,” said Laura Meadows, director of the Carl Vinson Institute of Government and immediate past president of CUPSO. “We’re able to gain valuable insights to enhance the impactful work we are already doing here to help Georgia’s state and local governments and to share our work with others.”


Over three days, conference participants learned about their roles in statewide issues, civic education and their role in elections. They also shared their academic work that is used to provide opportunities and address challenges in their states. (more…)

Portland State study: voter turnout “abysmally low” for mayoral elections in America’s largest cities

New findings by researchers at Portland State University — part of its Who Votes for Mayor project — detail the shockingly low voter turnout that is now typical in elections for mayor across the United States. For the most recent round of mayoral elections in America’s 30 largest cities, turnout of eligible citizens in 10 of them — including New York City, Baltimore, Dallas and Miami — was less than 15 percent. In Las Vegas, Fort Worth and Dallas, Texas, voter turnout was in the single digits. (more…)

ICMA, Carl Vinson Institute of Government Collaborate to Assess Local Governments’ Public Health Impact

The International City/County Management Association (ICMA) commissioned the Carl Vinson Institute of Government at the University of Georgia to prepare a white paper that illustrates the importance of local government services in supporting public health.

The report, “Improving Quality of Life: The Effect of Aligning Local Service Delivery and Public Health Goals,” can be downloaded from the ICMA website at

In the report, Institute faculty member Paula Sanford and co-author Joshua Franzel, ICMA’s director of policy research, explore the many ways that local governments contribute to effective public health. The report examines how local government infrastructure and services like water and sanitation, land use and planning, and transportation systems support a healthy environment and encourage healthy lifestyles. (more…)

UT Institute for Public Service Reports $1.2 Billion Economic Impact for FY16

The University of Tennessee system’s source of outreach to government, business and communities – the Institute for Public Service (IPS) – provided assistance in fiscal year 2016 that led to more than $1.2 billion in economic impact for Tennessee.

Through its five agencies, which provide training and technical consulting to state and local governments, businesses and law enforcement, IPS answered close to 30,000 requests for assistance in the last fiscal year. IPS agencies also trained more than 15,300 of its customers in everything from crime scene investigation to county and municipal government operations. (more…)